Gelächter, das

Laughter makes the soul bearable. -

das Gelächter, die Gelächter

Ge | läch | ter

(Substantiv) Neutrum – lautes [anhaltendes] Lachen

English: laughter (noun); plural noun: laughter


  • laughter is the sound one makes when one laughs


  1. contagious laughter  =  ansteckendes Gelächter {n}
  2. to burst into laughter  =  in Gelächter ausbrechen
  3. side-splitting laughter  =  zwerchfellerschütterndes Gelächter {n}
  4. sardonic laughter  =  hämisches Gelächter {n}


amusement, chuckle, gesture, giggle, glee, guffaw, hilarity, laugh, mirth, roar, shout, shriek, snicker, cachinnation, cackle, chortle, crack-up, crow, crowing, fit, howling, merriment, peal, rejoicing, roaring, shouting, snigger, snort, snorting, sound, titter, chortling, chuckling, giggling, guffawing, har-de-har, tehee, tittering, yuck


weeping, tears, mourning, sorrow, admiration, veneration, respect, whimper, whine

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